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- Microsoft word 2013 double space after period free

- Microsoft word 2013 double space after period free

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Microsoft word 2013 double space after period free 


Remove double line spacing.


Sorry for derailing your day and that of the poor non-writers in your household. Maybe this will snuff the flames microsoft word 2013 double space after period free this decades-old dumpster fire: Microsoft Word, that powerhouse in word processing, has finally weighed in on the microsoft word 2013 double space after period free space debate.

Its verdict? Two spaces after a period is out. Word will microsoft word 2013 double space after period free flag two spaces after a period with that dreaded Spellcheck-style squiggly line and suggest a single space to replace it, The Verge reports. Two spaces after a period is not incorrect — nor is it correct. Most style guides, which lay out the norms for how industries including book publishers, newspapers and academics write, have made the switch to favor a single space between sentences.

But no Grammar Goddess has ever carved this or any rule into stone. Writers and editors tend to have serious feelings about grammar, style and usage — like whether the Oxford comma is necessary — but any editor worth her salt will admit no single rule about how we write читать статью universally correct or incorrect.

Of the major guides, APA Style — which guides some academic writing — was the lone hold out in the two-spaces camp untilwhen its seventh edition finally recommended one space. Some legal writers still insist on two spaces, as well, but the American Bar Association recommends a single space. Most modern lore cites typewriters as a practical explanation for посмотреть еще double-space habit.

But the debate existed long before word processors came along, journalist and editor James Felici detailed in an essay. The double space — and other defunct sentence spacing — existed before the typewriter, and some typesetters as far back as the 18th century used the single space.

Another fun fact from Felici: In the s, electronic phototypesetting systems microsoft word 2013 double space after period free the jump on Microsoft Editor and automatically collapsed double spaces into single.

That study is legit, but, the Washington Post reportsstudies over the years have yielded conflicting results. You can be посетить страницу источник, though, there were probably some opinionated publishers carrying on about it in some town square somewhere in the s.

No clear double-space era ever gave way to a single-space era — hence the ongoing debate. Anecdotally, most people my age a millennial born in remember learning to double приведенная ссылка after a period in elementary school, even though we worked in word processors. Style guides, because they follow rather than lead usage, were mostly late to make the change.

The first edition of AP Stylebook that recommends a single space after a period was published in To adjust your proofing settings, according to PCWorld :. Writers, your editor will almost certainly make this change to your copy. Sentence spacing is an ever-changing piece of grammar and style, subject to stylistic whims, technological shifts and editorial compulsion.

Что cubase for windows 10 free считаю, do we think Google Docs might follow suit? We sure hope so! Contents hide. Is a double space after a period actually incorrect? Why do we double space after a period? When did double space after a period change? How to double space in Word without that judgy squiggle. Anyone can easily remove the double space after a period.

So…how many spaces after a period is correct? Want to write a book, but no idea where to start? Grab our free book outline template! Search Search.



Microsoft word 2013 double space after period free


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Any name that does not indicate an available macro will give the same result, that is, the entire field will be selected when clicked on as always happens with a MacroButton but since no macro can be found, the result is selected text.

If you want to format your prompt text, you need to do that by revealing the field code and editing. As is the case with other fields, the F11 key will take you to the next field, selecting that field.

When you use macrobutton fields as prompts, you may want to put an instruction in your documents to use F11 to go to the next field. I do this putting the instruction in blue or red text and a different font in a textbox formatted to float in front of text. The textbox is formatted to have no lines and no fill. The text in the textbox is formatted as hidden so it should not print. I have this textbox as an AutoText entry in my developer's template so that I can insert it easily when I prepare a new template.

Below is an example of how a Macrobutton Prompt appears in a document. Screenshot The field code for this prompt is:. When you click on it, all is selected. The first paragraph shows the prompt as displayed on the page. The second shows the prompt after it has been clicked on before typing; the third shows that the prompt colors do not show up in the text after the user types. You can download a free Add-In that gives you a dialog box below to add a MacroButton prompt to your document where you want with a choice of colors for the prompt text.

Dialog box from Add-In. Instead of simply being a prompt for typing, this MacroButton field will run a macro if double-clicked. This can be altered to a single click using VBA. Instead of NoMacro, simply type the name of the macro. When inserting the field, you can click on the Options button and you will be given a list of available macros possibly quite a long list from which to select. Where it says "Macros defined in active document" a more accurate caption would be "Macros available to active document.

Note that the MacroButton field is selected when it is clicked or double-clicked. You may want to have your macro collapse the selection at some point so that your MacroButton field won't be inadvertently deleted.

The language for this is:. Note also that a macro button prompt will print as ordinary text. It is the field result. Because of this, it is often easier to use a custom toolbar with a button on that toolbar. The toolbar will not print. MacroButton Fields can be used in Protected Forms and will be active even in a protected portion of the document. They are often used in such forms as a replacement for hyperlinks since regular hyperlinks are inactive in the protected portion of a form.

A simple example of macrobuttons can be found in the CheckBox template. It is possible to use one macro that responds to the contents of the field to change what the macro does. The same technique can be used with just the display text of the MacroButton field.

The macro is:. Fields 1. The field is:. This can be used to construct a list of templates in the Workgroup Templates folder as macrobuttons. When you double-click or single-click as shown below on the macrobutton, the macro creates a new document based on the named template.

A single macro decides which template to open based on the template listed in the macrobutton field. Collapse Exit Sub ' End Sub. To me, double-clicking on a button is counter-intuitive. To make a macrobutton respond to a single click to run a macro the following VBA code has to be active:.

This has to be run before the user tries to click on the button. It can be in an AutoOpen or AutoNew macro in the template which contains the macrobutton or in an AutoExec macro in a global template. Explaining these gets beyond the scope of this article; see Template Basics for more.

In a document that has been "protected" as a form in Word, hyperlink fields don't work, but macrobutton fields do work. You can use a macrobutton for a hyperlink to an external document or web page and even format it to look like a hyperlink in a protected document. It is more work than merely inserting a hyperlink, though. You can also use a macrobutton to link to an internal bookmark with reservations, see end of this section.

When you protect your document your pseudo-hyperlink should work fine. Remember to set the ButtonFieldClicks to 1. Also, the mouse pointer will not change to a little hand when passing over your pseudo-hyperlink - but we can't have everything, can we? If you would like some pre-written code for your hyperlink macrobutton, you can download HyperJmp. They show how to use a single macro for all your hyperlinks in the document. When the target of the link is within the protected form it doesn't work quite so well.

It will jump to the field addressed by your bookmark if your bookmark is for a formfield, otherwise to the field following your bookmark. If there is no field following your non-field bookmark, it jumps to the first field in the document. Note that fields inserted with the Forms toolbar automatically have a bookmark assigned.

You can change that bookmark in the field's properties. Thanks to Marcy T. For more on protected forms, follow the links in my web resources page , especially those to Dian Chapman's excellent series of articles.

Note the checked box by "For Review. The prompts for user input are MacroButton fields not associated with any macro. A dummy name of "NoMacro" is inserted but the purpose of the field is to display the prompt. Both of these use the property of MacroButton fields to select the entire field when clicked on. The display text for the checkbox fields is the unchecked or checked box. If there were an active macro named NoMacro or nomacro these MacroButton fields would call that macro! The name of the macro called by the unchecked Urgent checkbox is "CheckIt.

All you see is the display text - the checked and unchecked boxes. See Checkbox Add-In for samples. An image does not work well as a prompt in document templates formatted as. See this post on the Microsoft Answers forum. The image is selected, not the field. If the image is deleted by the user and the user types, that typing becomes the prompt for the field. Clicking or double-clicking on the field will not run a macro.

If the same document is saved in. The screenshot below is from a document in. Here is a screen shot of the same thing, except the same document has been saved in.

In the. If the user types anything, the image is deleted, the field is deleted, leaving only the typing. When in. No macro is run. If the image is deleted by the user and the user types, what the user types becomes the new MacroButton field prompt! If there is no image, or if the user clicks on a text prompt included with the image, the field is selected, including the image, and replaced by typing.

Note the image moves in front of the text even though formatted to be inline with text. If there is a macro, it will not run in this condition. Shows what it looks like when the space after the text is clicked on or the field is entered using the F11 next field function key. When this is done, if there is a macro, it will run.

In Word and later when you click on the image, any text typed is added to the MacroButton Field prompt text. If the field itself is selected or you click in the area following the image, the field is replaced by typing. In this second instance, if there is a macro, it is run first.

If the same fields are saved in a. See Greg Maxey's page on Toggle objects for some ways to get Word to respond to images in macrobutton fields. One method is with spaces, another is with the IncludePicture field inserting the image. The second suggestion comes from Doug Robbins.

An example using the IncludePicture field:. Using that construction, the image is selected with the macrobutton and replaced by typing. Macrobutton prompts and text content controls can have a similar appearance in a document. Here is a screenshot showing plain text Content Controls and a MacroButton field prompt. Both have the placeholder text formatted using the PlaceHolderText style.

Both select the entire contents when you click in them. When not selected, they can be indistinguishable to the user. The color of placeholder text can be edited when you create them and can be something that is very different from the color of the text that will be typed.

Unless formatted to delete the content control when edited, the content control will remain with edited text. The macrobutton field will be replaced by typing. MacroButton field prompts will work in versions of Word that do not work with Content Controls as well as those that do. This includes Mac versions. This is not true of a hyperlink field.

Search Usersguide to Microsoft Word using Google. I'm not sure why it is an improvement over a Hyperlink. A double-click will take the user to the bookmark location. If the bookmark contains something, it will be selected.

The GoToButton field responds to the options. ButtonFieldClicks setting discussed earlier in MacroButton fields. That is true only if the place is identified by a bookmark.

Here is a screenshot of the Insert Field dialog. When placed in a header or footer, the StyleRef field updates instantly with any change in the source text. When placed in the body of a document, it updates the way other fields in the body update.

Generally a print preview will update fields but not always. Here is the Microsoft Reference page for the StyleRef field. StyleRef field gives an Error Message "Error! No text of specified style in document. This is pretty self-explanatory.

The specified style must be in use somewhere in the document. This one is a bit more rare. It is telling you that the field, itself, is in the specified style. It is trying to reference itself. StyleRef does not show anthing - blank! This indicates that the StyleRef field is referring you to blank text. In the case of a paragraph style, an empty paragraph formatted in the style. In the case of a character style, a space formatted, by itself, in the style. StyleRef field is showing text from previous pages or following pages and you do not want this.

This means that there is nothing in the specified style on the current page. If you would prefer that it show nothing, create a blank in the specified style. See 2 above. Do you want your headers or footers to reflect the content of the page, or change from Chapter to Chapter? Are you trying to get dictionary style fields Krofta - Lamb listing the first and last entry on your page? If that is what you are trying for, the following will work: Put your last name field or whatever it is you are trying to capture in a particular character style in your primary merge document.

The character style does not need to look any different from surrounding text but it can look different. If the StyleRef field gives you nothing but does not give an error, that means that the specified use of the style has no text. Look in help for "dictionary-style headers. You are using the style as a tag rather than as a way of formatting. Remember, this new style is a character style rather than a paragraph style. This is especially useful when you have something on the first page of a document which, if changed, should be reflected in continuation page headers or footers.

Examples: the addressee name, the subject, the date. Barnhill, MVP If you are doing this in a mail-merge, you may have to insert the header after you do the merge. Try inserting it before you do the merge, if that doesn't work, then try after. I haven't tried this with a mail merge but it should work. After you get results, please share them by letting me know so I can update this. If your have a single word or a phrase in a document marked in the character style "MyStyle" that word or phrase will be reflected in this field's results, instantly.

This updates in headers and footers as well as in the body when the marked text is changed. It is much more robust than bookmarks which are easily deleted by accident. Either a character style or a paragraph style will work with the StyleRef field. The style does not have to change any formatting - it can just serve as a marker for the field.

In the tutorial the styles used do have formatting functions as well -- primarily the paragraph spacing and the designation of the following style. Note: it has been observed that if there is a bookmark with the same name as the reference style it can cause problems. See this forum thread. If you use a StyleRef field and there is no text in that style anywhere in the document, you will get an error message. That probably is not what you want.

You can use a conditional IF field to screen the error message. The following nested field displays nothing unless there is something in the named style.

If something is present in that style, it gives you the text set in the style as well as extra comment text in the field. If you do not need the extra comment text, do not put it in the field. Note that this structure cannot be created using Word dialogs; you must edit the field code itself in the document. This coding came from responses to a Word Answers forum question. StyleRef Field documentation BetterSolutions. StyleRef Field documentation Microsoft. Note, if the StyleRef field finds text that has been formatted as hidden, it will display blank.

It will not search for the next displayed text. A formula field is one that does some kind of calculation and shows you the result. It starts with an equals sign:. Calculations are performed in much the same way as in algebraic expressions. When used in online protected forms, make sure that the source of the calculation has the property checked to "calculate on exit.

Formfields can be given names which Word treats as bookmarks. Formula fields can be nested and can use results of other fields as parts.

They can be used as a part of conditional fields. Most fields do not update automatically. If the conditions change after insertion of the field, the field may have to be updated manually.

Expression1 operator expression2 means a statement that will be either True or False. Expression1 and expression 2 can be fields or text or a number. Operator is the test condition and should come back as true or false. Download the Gender Toolbar template to see how this works in real documents. Yes, fields can use other fields for parts of their structure. Note that the tests for text in the IF field are case-sensitive.

If the condition changes after insertion of the field, the field may have to be updated manually. How would you put the document name and path in the footer of your document to appear only on the last page of the document?

Doing this is probably preferable to using the Menu command Word and earlier which inserts a page number in a frame. Frames are not in the main document and it makes editing difficult. Likewise, you can use the Insert Page Number choices under the Insert tab in Word and later but that overwrites existing headers and footers!

The first thought is "I have put a condition on this. I need a conditional Field! In this case, there are two page numbering fields that can be used and compared. The first field is the field to display the current page number. The second is to display the total number of pages in the document. We have our expression. We want the document's name with its path. So, our conditional field looks like:.

On the last page, this will print the full document name. In a four-page document, on page three, it will print "Page 3 of 4. Click here for answer. Further exercise: What fields would you use if you only wanted something to appear in the header or footer of the third page of the document, the next-to last page of the document?

See that page as well if you have numbering restart at some point in your document. This is called "nesting. If you think this is complex, wait until we tackle date fields! If today were January 31, , the following expression using that field for the year would display: "June 30, " where the year is the field and the rest of the date is regular typed text. If today were July 1, , the same expression would display as "June 30, This uses the test IF field together with date fields and an equation field to display the result if the result is a different year.

The formats for the dates are set using date pictures. However, if the result is a different calculated year, then you need to use a number picture.

In this case, I started out with a two-digit year and was using the picture With a four-digit year, the picture becomes irrelevant. The field shown above handles the year part of the date. It would have to be combined with an additional DATE field to get the month and day.

Here's a head-spinner! The following is an example of a field that gives you the date two weeks from the day a document is created, in regular written English format:. You can download a document containing the above field to play with if you like. I wouldn't advise trying to reproduce it by hand! This particular field is a tweaked result of a very nice Add-In by Chris Woodman which seems to be no longer available online. For more on date calculations see Calculated Dates which includes links to other pages on date field calculations as well as some discussion of VBA methods of handling date calculations.

You can look here for an example of using an IF Field for mailmerge to make part of the mailmerge conditional. This is used most frequently in document footers. Note that the document must be saved to make this field operational. Whether the name appears as "MyFile" or "MyFile. This field was used in the IF field example shown above to give the filename only on the last page of a document. To do this, you would use the AutoText field or an AutoTextList field to insert that local information. Fields can be very complex and laborious to construct.

One of the most efficient ways to insert complex fields into your documents and templates is by saving the field, itself, as an AutoText entry. An example of a template that does this is the Gender Toolbar template that can be downloaded from my downloads page.

It has fairly complex IF fields that can be inserted from a menu in a custom toolbar. If there are multiple template sources of AutoText entries, Word follows its hierarchy for templates in choosing which one to insert. I do not know which building block will be chosen if their are different building blocks having the same name but in different galleries in the same template.

There is an AutoTextList field which can be used to give a dropdown list of AutoText entries that were stored with certain styles. This is an old and underutilized field. How your field looks and prints depends on 1 the formatting applied to the paragraph direct or styles , 2 the formatting applied to the characters direct or styles , and 3 any field formatting switches. In this section, we'll look at the switches that you might want to use. This switch is called a "picture" switch because you specify a pictorial representation for the field result.

If the result of a field is not a number, this switch has no effect. Many are native speakers and able to perform any task for which you need help.

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